Tina Zulu, Founder & Creative Chieftess

Tina Zulu, Founder & Creative Chieftess

Sparkle. Spunk. Spirit. Big ingredients packed into a petite person with larger-than-life talents. Corporate success at Continental Airlines—interactive marketing whiz. Fashion background: shows, styling and retail. B.A. degrees with honors in marketing and entrepreneurship from the #1 undergrad program in the country at The University of Houston. Dancing with the stars? Check! Tina and her dance partner professional ballroom dancer Alex Olivares, won the mirror ball trophy by racking up a perfect score for their performance of the hustle to Donna Summer’s disco hit “The Last Dance.” Tina’s a big believer of work-life balance and gets teary-eyed with so much love for her husband, family and friends. Meet her. She just rocks.

A few words from peeps who think Tina’s pretty cool:

“I would put the greatest trust in Tina to do an excellent, thorough and professional job. Her knowledge is a great asset on-site and she is a friendly, level-headed team player.”

Mary Gehlhar, Former VP Brand Strategy and Fashion Gen Art

“Tina Zulu is a force of nature…she is a savvy communications professional who gets it. She has a broad understanding of the depth of communications media that we work with nowadays and how to best bring it to bear in the service of her clients needs. She is a dedicated professional that works very hard, has high quality standards and despite this, I don’t think I have ever seen her lose her passion for the work or even lose her smile. She loves what she does and it shows. When I first met Tina, she was responsible for creating an inflight video to promote the features of Continental Airlines website as it was transformed into one of the most human-friendly travel tools in the industry. Now, with her own company, she makes media more human, user-friendly, fun and effective for her eclectic and diverse client companies.”

W. Ross Wells, Film Director Zenfilm

“Tina Zulu is sure to take your marketing initiatives to the next level and add an extra element of creativity to all your company’s communications initiatives. I’ve worked with Tina on numerous projects, from traditional and online advertising campaigns, to major promotions, to out of the box strategic communications to grab people’s attention quickly. Tina always has incredible ideas and top notch focus on the end goal. Her ability to bring people together and be a project leader are unparalleled as well. Not only is she a great business woman, she is a fun person to be around and will take your business seriously.”

Danny Cuellar, Manager of Global Advertising Continental Airlines

“Tina Zulu has helped with Yellow Magazine from its initial launch, assisting with content development, marketing and pr, and writing. She is self-motivated, creative, and consistently goes above and beyond no matter what the project. I am lucky to know her, and her work with Yellow Magazine is one reason for its continued growth and success.”

Viet Hoang, Publisher Yellow Magazine