Asia Society Texas Center Lands Front-Page Feature of Christine Ha

03-03-2014 | News


Appropriately placed on the front page of the Houston Chronicle’s Star section, MasterChef Christine Ha was featured for her special guest appearance at the February Leo Bar hosted by Asia Society Texas Center. Chef Ha mesmerized a standing-room-only crowd with her “Taste the New Year” menu, a collaboration with resident Leo Bar chef Rishi Singh of Boheme Cafe and Wine Bar, and graciously signed autographs, cookbooks and posed for fan photos.


In a lighthearted evening full of laughs, our adorable emcee, Lily Jang, did a great job keeping the conversation light and wasn’t afraid to put Christine on the spot–asking her questions about her MasterChef “tattoo” and her secret $2 frozen pizza (Totino’s). Kudos as well to DJ Baohaus for setting a great vibe and keeping it going strong. Get ASTC’s take on the evening.