• Hungry's Cafe Brand Revisit and Development
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Project: Hungry’s Restaurant Brand Revisit and Development

After 40 years of success, Hungry’s is celebrating by opening up a new construction of one of their locations. What was needed: a new image and look that would introduce a new era to the Hungry’s Cafe ongoing success.

Zulu Creative Solution:
To prepare for their grand opening, we’ve been working with the Hungry’s Cafe team on a complete rebrand. After careful and much consideration and approaches, the solution was not a 100% change but an update and to simplilfy what they already have.

Their logo which is identifiable by loyal patriots and a sucessful business did not need something that would frighten away old customers and entice new ones to visit.

Therefore, the new logo accomplished both a refreshed look with cleaner lines and a new color swatch that better represented fresh fare and homage to farm-to-table ingredients.
Zulu Creative is in the process of creating new menus, newsletters, website, and other branded products that will show off a new face without straying too far from what they represent.