Spotlight On: Dream Flour Bakery

11-25-2014 | News



Just in time for the holidays, join us in welcoming Dream Flour Bakery to the ZC family! We’re thrilled to announce we are working with a game-changing Houston bake shop to launch its line of guilt-free cinnamon rolls, kolaches and donuts.

Baker/ Owner Barbara Shears has created a line of sweets that are all natural, free of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), diabetic-friendly, contain no preservatives or artificial chemicals, and are lower in fat, sugar, sodium, cholesterol, and calories–without sacrificing taste.

By combining wholesome ingredients such as nonfat Greek yogurt, organic eggs, natural sweeteners, and whole wheat, Dream Flour Bakery significantly reduces the amount of fat, sugar, and calories in its baked goods.

Trust us, you will love the taste and won’t miss the calories!

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