Zulu Creative Chiefs Host & Sponsor the DiverseWorks’ Luck of the Draw 8: When Art Attacks

07-02-2009 | News,Sponsorships & Community Support,ZC Events

When Zulu Chiefs Tina & Josh were invited to join the Host Committee of DiverseWorks’ Luck of the Draw 8: When Art Attacks blind art auction, they were thrilled to say the least. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be a part of one of Houston’s zaniest parties and invite all of their friends to join in the fun? In fact, we loved the idea so much that Zulu Creative signed on as a sponsor.

The “luck of the draw” dictated the order in which ticket holders got to choose their piece from over 200 pieces of work graciously donated by artists from around the world. Newport cigarettes And, as luck would have it, Tina & Josh got just the pieces they hoped for. Yay!

Highlighting the “When Art Attacks” Zombie theme was a surprise Thriller dance that broke out right in the middle of the dance floor (how apropos) and the chance to win a custom zombie portrait by Houston artist Grayson Coffee – an artist that we believe is definitely “one to watch.”

Adding to the fun vibe was a slew of hard core art supporters and artists including: The entire DiverseWorks family, Catherine Anspon, David Brown, Celeste Tamarillo, Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, Christine Jelson West, Mark Horn, James Blair, Jim Peterson, Ian Rosenberg, Heather Wagner, Michael Coppens, Pall Mall Cigarettes, Monica Danna, Ed Schipul, Adam Brackman, Seth Capron, Michael Meazell, Iris Siff, Sacha Nelson Chapel, and Raymond & Cindy Moore.